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"If you want things to go right on your farm, be your own master and servant!"
This saying in the old farm office has shaped us for decades. It combines grounded tradition with young ideas.

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Zirmerbauer Josef Perwanger III (1880-1954) with his son Josef Perwanger IV (1927-2014) with a team of oxen plowing (photo around 1940).

The name RADOIN 1560 dates back to the 15th century for this place and for the elevation of 1560 meters where we are located.

Sepp Perwanger has created the highest winery in Europe here. He followed in the footsteps of his grandfather, Josef Perwanger III, who in the 1930s crushed his grapes at the farm in two barrels.

Temperature, air pressure, and winter calm provide the optimal foundation for production and storage.

Former actors were self-sufficient and self-assured: servants and maids making sausages in the old farmhouse (photo around 1890).

The farm has existed for centuries, situated on a prehistoric glacial hill. Farmers managed their properties in absolute seclusion, self-sufficiently.

The larger farms used to have their own vineyards for self-sufficiency, deep in the sunny Adige Valley – most of them were in Montan with the settlements of Pinzon and Glen.

Our vineyard has remained unchanged in family ownership, despite the upheavals and challenges of the First and Second World Wars. It has endured crises and devaluations. Today, Gewürztraminer and Chardonnay are grown in the "Kühmösl," as the vineyard is called.

Sepp Perwanger has acquired two more vineyards in nearby Glen. Here, Pinot Noir Riserva is grown.

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Diligence, precision, cleanliness, and passion: Our wines are created and mature through the know-how and reliable hands of our actors, the winemakers. Each one is a specialist in their field.

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Sepp Perwanger

Owner and winegrower

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Peter Defranceschi

Technical advisor / cellarage

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Thomas Pfitscher

Head and responsible viticulture

Glen Blauburgunder Wimmen 11.09.2022 - MaPe (24).JPG

Martin Gross

Cellar Director


Gerhard Sanin

Oenologist and consultant

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Georg Faller

Employee and advisor viticulture

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